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September 11, 2009
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Rockmore Announces New Manufacturing Facility in Austria

Rockmore Austria manufacturing facility

Rockmore International, a leading global manufacturer of premium quality percussive rock drilling tools, has announced the construction of its new manufacturing center in Austria.

“Despite the current economic climate, we felt this expansion in our production capability was vital,” said Pejman Eghdami, Executive Vice President of Rockmore International. “This new facility demonstrates our commitment to better and faster service for our customers. It makes it possible for us to streamline the manufacturing process and expand our product line.”

Situated on a 21,000 square meter (5.2 acre) site in a new industrial park zone in Judenburg, Austria, the new plant will be 7,500 square meters, or 81,000 square feet.

“This new European facility will be centrally located with easy access to European markets, as well as emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia,” added Eghdami.

The new manufacturing center will double Rockmore’s production capacity, and will feature advanced heat treatment equipment, automated CNC production machinery, and a state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facility. The building has been designed with optimum manufacturing sequences in mind, so production will be streamlined and efficient. Each production line begins at the delivery and pre-material warehouse, proceeds through its production sequence, and ends at the dispatch warehouse, ready for shipment.

With an eye to the environment, this new plant conforms to the strictest European energy codes, and incorporates the latest energy-saving systems. For example, a closed-loop water recovery system utilizes the heated water generated by the production machinery to provide the heating and cooling function for the entire factory and offices.

The 12,000,000 USD building is expected to be ready for occupancy by July, 2010. All production equipment from Rockmore’s existing facility in Austria will be phased into the new manufacturing center according to a synchronized plan which will minimize any interruptions in production and delivery.

Rockmore International is a global manufacturer of rock drilling tools, serving the mining, construction, and water-well sectors for more than 60 years.