Drifting & Tunnelling Tools

Tunnelling engineers around the world turn to Rockmore International for their tunnelling and blasthole drilling needs. Rockmore offers a complete range of tools for drifting and tunnelling projects ranging from mining to dams and other civil engineering projects. Select the Rockmore drilling system that you want to integrate into your drilling operation, or choose the individual component that completes your current rock drilling system.

Our drifting and tunnelling tools include hex and round cross-section rods in different lengths, drill bits, couplings, and reaming equipment.

drifting and tunnelling tools

Rockmore Tunnelling Tools

Rockmore XR32

ROCKMORE XR32 Thread Design

To improve precision and efficiency in drifting and tunnelling operations, Rockmore International has introduced a revolutionary new XR32 thread design.

Extensive lab and field testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of the XR32 thread system in providing more efficient energy transfer, higher bit penetration rates, and longer thread life for both bit and rod. The new XR32 connection provides stability at the thread end, reducing stress on the thread connection.

Rockmore B6 Drill Bit

drifting and tunnelling

ROCKMORE B6 Drill Bit Design

Rockmore’s innovative B6 drill bit is designed to increase drilling efficiency and to reduce operating costs for hard rock drilling and blasting operations. The new B6 design promises to prolong bit life and increase drilling penetration rates.

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