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February 10, 2015
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March 10, 2015

New Xtrac Bit Design – Tapered Body Retrac Bit

Rockmore Xtrac Bit

Designed to improve top-hammer drill and blast operations, the Xtrac retrac bit increases overall drilling productivity by incorporating enhancements in the bit body design and improvements in the configuration of flushing geometry. This promotes straighter holes, faster penetration rates and longer bit life.

The Xtrac bit is available in standard “T” threads and the new “XT” thread connections of the Vector Rod System.

The tapered retrac body is designed to improve flushing geometry and increase performance. It features multiple flat spline grooves with extended cutting edges for smoother retraction of the bit.

The Xtrac bit design is available in various designs and button configurations, including conical, semi-ballistic, crown point, hemispherical, and Multipoint.