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March 10, 2007
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October 10, 2008

New XR32 Thread Design for Drifting and Tunneling

Rockmore XR32 thread design

Rockmore International has announced a revolutionary new thread design, XR32, to improve precision and efficiency in drifting and tunneling operations, and to extend thread life.

This new thread design is the product of Rockmore’s in-house R & D and manufacturing facility, in response to demand from underground drillers for a stronger and more powerful drill string. Extensive lab and field testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of the XR32 thread system in providing more efficient energy transfer, higher bit penetration rates, and longer thread life for both bit and rod. The new XR32 thread is employed at the bit connection end for hex drifting and tunneling rods, and is used for both male and female components – both tunneling bit and rod. The other end of the rod, connected to the coupling or shank adapter, has a standard thread such as R38 or T38. That means smooth integration into your existing drill string.

In standard R32 connections, the end of the male rod is seated at the bottom of the bit cavity. As a result, percussive energy travels through the rod and bit threads, causing excess vibration and thread wear. The new XR32 connection provides stability at the thread end, reducing stress on the thread connection. The innovative ContactZone design provides stronger rod support, increased rigidity and added strength to minimize rod bending due to complex rock formations or uneven surfaces. This means less wear, higher precision collaring and straighter holes.

The XR32 thread design also integrates smoothly into any drilling operation, without the need to replace all existing rods and bits. The new thread connection is fully reverse compatible with standard R32 rods and bits – that is, you can use standard R32 threaded bits with XR32 threaded rods, and standard R32 threaded tunneling rods with XR32 threaded bits.

The XR32 creates a rigid, powerful drill string. Better bit guidance means increased hole precision and better drilling accuracy, while less reflex vibration means less wear and increased thread life for both bit and rod.