ROCKMORE Worldwide:  A Global Presence

Rockmore International is truly a global company with rock drilling tool manufacturing facilities located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA and Judenburg, Austria. We have an aggressive distribution network with presence in North and South America, Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Our manufacturing operations are state-of-the-art, each one servicing various parts of the world, based on proximity to our distributor network and end user drilling operations.

With a global information network, we are able to provide fast service and solutions to the drilling, mining and construction industries. Our key sales and support people – some of whom have served nearly thirty years in the construction and mining industries – are highly trained in the latest rock drilling technology and can offer you expert advice on what products will best fit a specific end use application. We develop our drilling tools based on the continuous input of operators and contractors working in the field. Our distributors meet the high demand for our quality products by rapidly providing their customers with the exact rock drilling tools they need.

Rockmore International’s rock drilling tools are used in mining, construction, tunnelling, quarrying, and water well projects around the globe. The map above highlights the locations of a few projects that incorporate Rockmore’s quality tools and accessories into their rock drilling operation.