A Leader in Rock Drilling Technology and Innovation

Rockmore’s research and development team includes some of the sharpest minds in the rock drilling industry – a team of product designers, metallurgical experts and tool specialists who are working to continuously advance rock drilling technology for the entire industry.

All of Rockmore’s innovations begin with the customer. We listen to what our cutomers are saying – their problems, challenges and goals. Continuous customer feedback is the keystone of all new product development. For over 65 years, we have developed a uniquely streamlined, user-focused approach to serving our broad-range of customers.

Each new innovation goes through an extensive and painstaking testing process, both in the lab and in the field. Performance and longevity are the watchwords. Once our new products are on the market, we monitor their use closely. Our field representatives constantly collect performance data, which is then put to use in constant product improvement – and in the birth of entirely new drilling solutions.

Our customers wanted faster penetration rates and longer carbide insert life. Rockmore’s engineers developed the new MultiPoint carbide insert design, providing multiple strike points for more efficient crack propagation and greater insert durability.

Drifting and tunnelling operators wanted improved precision and efficiency. Rockmore’s research and development team developed the new XR32 thread design that reduces vibration and wear in the drill string. Our customers now enjoy higher precision collaring, straighter holes, and less wear.

And to improve the performance of our DTH hammers, Rockmore developed SonicFlow technology to lower turbulence, maximize airflow continuity, and increase hammer performance.

Rockmore introduced a new DTH hammer in its emerging Deep Hole series, the ROK 500DH. This 5 inch range hammer incorporates many new innovations and features characterized in the new Deep Hole class of DTH hammers.

For hard rock quarry drilling, Rockmore developed the new CrossFlow Bit Design, which extends bit life and improves penetration rates for percussive drilling applications in abrasive and challenging rock conditions.

In 2013, Rockmore announced the 600A and 650A six-inch class DTH hammers, the first models in the newly emerging A Series hammer range, which feature new component designs that demonstrate better performance and penetration rates suited to smaller compressors.

In 2014, Rockmore launched the new T Series DTH hammer class, recognizing a trending demand in the DTH drilling sector for a high performance DTH tool that could utilize industry standard drill bits without plastic components.

Rockmore’s Vector Rod System, introduced in 2016, incorporates new guided cylindrical contact zones between the male and female thread joints to improve drilling productivity and reduce extension drilling operating costs.

ROCKMORE: Pioneering Robotic Automation

State of the art modern robotics are used at Rockmore manufacturing facilities to enhance production efficiencies and increase quality targets.  Such robotic automation ensures high production levels while maintaining consistent quality objectives.